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003Throughout history there have been magic places where for some unexplained reason human creativity is activated and energized. Imagine yourself on a gentle hillside rising above a lake, its shoreline merging into the horizon. The feeling is timeless and serene. You become one with nature. Transformation begins. We call it the “Arkandor Experience”. 

Set amidst great natural beauty, ARKANDOR allows you letting go of stress, relax, rejuvenate and enjoy life with renewed enthusiasm. You will find endless opportunities for exploring the surroundings. Pack your camera, your easel, pencil and brushes, your binoculars to discover the wildlife and fill your days with magic. Marvel at the brilliance of the stars at night.

You may even experience the Northern Lights !

Hiking, kayaking, playing golf and whale watching are within easy reach, as is all kinds of shopping.

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